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230 pcs. rotary tool accessory bit set for Dremel + Proxxon

Article no:10397850
-25%0.8-10mm keyless drill chuck with 1/4" hexagonal shank

Article no:10252950
£14.32 £10.74
M5 left hand locking screw for drill chucks

Article no:10179250

2-13mm keyless drill chuck with 1/4" hexagonal shank

Article no:10255850
SDS-Plus wide flat chisel 75x250mm for Bosch/Makita/Hilti/Hitachi

Article no:10060100
5 pcs. twist drill set extra long 200mm Ø 2-6mm

Article no:10108850
-25%50m air cushion foil napkin foil pop foil Packing material 1m / 100cm wide

Article no:10398450
5Reviews:There are no ratings for this product available so far
£20.97 £15.73
Plastic granules filling granulate 2kg 2000g

Article no:10512850

Adjustable woodworking hole saw Ø 40-120mm

Article no:10150600
100 pcs. rotary tool accessory bit set for Dremel + Proxxon

Article no:10192600
-25%1-16mm precision-keyless drill chuck with B16 taper

Article no:10246100
£26.34 £19.76
-25%5/4" SDS-Plus shank for diamond core drill bits with 1-1/4" thread

Article no:10099850
£24.30 £18.23

Order Spiral Drill for Metal in Drill-Onlineshop. We will ship your order the same day, if your order is received before 15:00. In addition to spiral drills, we also supply very cheap and in good quality carbide drills, HSS drills with MK shank DIN345, grinding bands, diamond drills. Buy cheap at the Bohrer-Onlineshop. If you want to drill or cut tiles, granite, marble, we have the right tool for you. You can also find us on platforms like Amazon, eBay and others. You are looking for tools for your lathe or milling machine with Morse cone, SK or ISO mount? No problem. Here you will find adapters, chisels, chucks, cutters, drill chucks and much more. Also for carpenters and DIYers, we have a wide range of circular sawblades, milling cutters, hammer drills and forestry drills. Our forestry drills are particularly popular. These are also known as pot drills, the term "forester" being the most common. Our serpentine drills are available in 230, 460, 600 and 800 mm lengths. The selection of diameters ranges from 6 to 52 mm. For Forstner drills, the diameter is from 10 to 100 mm, with a fine gradation. We supply Forstner drills with and without carbide carbide. Most of our tools are TIN coated. This results in a longer service life. Carbide drills are also available in the Bohrer-Onlineshop. Since an ordinary HSS spiral drill is not sufficient, a hard metal spiral drill has to be used.
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