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Here is an overview of jobs in the queue in our warehouse in real time.

Amount of orders in the queue for packaging:  140

Quantity of items in the queue for the packaging:  225

Approximate time for processing new orders:  4 Hours 44 Minutes

Situation at:  26. Oct 2020   5:12:19 CET

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   AT      -      3 Items

   FR      -      3 Items

   DE      -      194 Items

   IS      -      1 Items

   IT      -      16 Items

   LV      -      1 Items

   SE      -      3 Items

   GB      -      3 Items

   US      -      1 Items

Items in the queue to packaging:

AN0811339 - Tailstock spacer mount plates
AN0811351 - 310mm HM woodworking tungsten carbide tipped saw blade 310x30mm T=40
AN0811359 - Tailstock spacer mount plates
AN0811360 - 10 pcs. TORX screwdriver set T3-T10
AN0811373 - 3x steel balls Ø 15.8mm
AN0811374 - 10 pcs. TORX screwdriver set T3-T10
AN0811375 - 2x carbon brushes for fein multimaster (30711129009)
AN0811393 - Plastic granules filling granulate 1kg 1000g
AN0811402 - 1x TC oil shaft seals NBR 30x45x8mm
AN0811403 - Connecting rod for Hilti type TE14 TE15 TE15-C (76407)
AN0811404 - 2x carbon brushes for Black&Decker 6.3x12.5x28.5/30mm (55314)
AN0811412 - Trigger switch for Bosch GBH4DSC GBH2-24DSR GBH2-24DS GBH2SR (item no. 1612026037)
AN0811427 - M14 thread quick change locking nut for angle grinder
AN0811428 - 150mm universal usage turbo diamond saw blade (wet + dry) 150x25.4mm
AN0811436 - 125x22.2mm clean and strip discsmm grit 240
AN0811444 - Adapter for core drilling machine type Hilti DD100/DD130 with 1-1/4" thread
AN0811447 - 3x steel balls Ø 11mm
AN0811448 - M6x35mm left hand locking screw for drill chucks
AN0811455 - 3-jaw puller 350mm
AN0811456 - Tailstock spacer mount plates
AN0811461 - SDS-Plus shank 500mm with M16 thread and taper shank pilot drill bit
AN0811470 - Mini keyless drill chuck with MT1 morse taper arbor and M6 draw bar
AN0811472 - Coolant hose with magnetic base
AN0811473 - Cable bend protection or restrictor
AN0811478 - 10x steel balls Ø 1.5mm
AN0810648 - Vakkum plate for diamond core drilling machine
AN0811068 - Oil seal 30x52x10mm
AN0811068 - 1x TC oil shaft seals NBR 30x52x10mm
AN0811313 - 10x HSS-R metalworking twist drill bits DIN338N Ø 0.2mm
AN0811326 - M14 thread quick change locking nut for angle grinder

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