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Here is an overview of jobs in the queue in our warehouse in real time.

Amount of orders in the queue for packaging:  164
Quantity of items in the queue for the packaging:  272
Approximate time for processing new orders:  6 Hours 8 Minutes

Situation at:  10. Apr 2020   11:29:37 CEST

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   AT      -      10 Items

   FR      -      8 Items

   DE      -      243 Items

   IT      -      9 Items

   GB      -      1 Items

   US      -      1 Items

Items in the queue to packaging:

AN0746471 - Plastic granules filling granulate 2kg 2000g
AN0746480 - M6 left hand locking screw for mini circular saw
AN0746489 - Cable bend protection or restrictor
AN0746494 - Plastic granules filling granulate 1kg 1000g
AN0746495 - 10x steel balls Ø 2.5mm
AN0746509 - 10 pcs. TORX screwdriver set T3-T10
AN0746515 - MT2 drill chuck arbor with 1/2"-20 UNF thread and M10 draw bar - 10260150
AN0746523 - M14 thread quick change locking nut for angle grinder
AN0746540 - Holder for tool bits shank size 20mm
AN0746541 - 1-1/4" BSPT pipe threading die
AN0746542 - Armature for Hilti type TE5 (201536)
AN0746543 - 100 pcs. rotary tool accessory bit set for Dremel + Proxxon
AN0746549 - 6207RS ball bearing 35x72x17mm (72x35x17mm)
AN0746558 - SDS-Plus changeable drill chuck type Bosch GBH4DFE/GBH4DSC/GBH4DFE (2608572059)
AN0746559 - Mini cast iron anvil 5kg
AN0746571 - 1mm extra long HSS metalworking twist drill bit 1x150mm
AN0746580 - LMH10UU linear ball bushing bearings shaft guiding guide 10mm
AN0746583 - 50mm tungsten carbide tipped saw blade for mini circular saw 50x11mm T=18
AN0746601 - 10 pcs. TORX screwdriver set T3-T10
AN0746613 - Steel balls Ø 27.5mm
AN0746613 - Steel balls Ø 31.75mm
AN0746614 - ER32 collet lathe chuck Ø 80mm
AN0746617 - SDS-Plus HM hollow core drill bit 570mm long Ø 55mm
AN0746618 - 100mm brass wire wheel brush with shank
AN0746622 - Square flange self lube bearing bore 40mm type UCFC208
AN0746629 - 30mm SDS-Plus woodworking auger drill bit Lewis style 30x460mm
AN0746635 - 10 pcs. TORX screwdriver set T3-T10
AN0746639 - Knurling tool 21mm shank
AN0746640 - SDS-Plus drill chuck with 5/8"-16 UNF thread
AN0746641 - Backing pad with hook-and-loop and M14 thread 150mm

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